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How to define energy flow through ecosystems?

Drag each label to the appropriate bin. If an organism is both a secondary consumer and a tertiary consumer, drag it to the "both secondary and tertiary consumer" bin. Bins : -Detritus -primary producer -primary consumer/decomposer -secondary consumer -tertiary consumer -both secondary and tertiary consumer labels (options): -dead animal -living maple leaves -fungus -millipede -earthworm -maggots -rotting log -cricket -robin alligator lizard

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Best Answer:

producer = usually a plant primary consumer = a herbivore (hopefully you know what a herbivore is) secondary consumer = the carnivore that eats the herbivore tertiary consumer = the carnivore that eats the secondary consumer (usually the top of the food chain) detritus = eats dead stuff

Answered: 2013-04-28